Kindle FireKindle fire, a brilliant e-reader device of Amazon has gained immense popularity because of its unbelievable and amazing functionality. This high quality product has given quite a tough competition for its rival in the market. This device made Apple to launch its iPad Mini but fortunately, kindle fire has large number of hidden features that are better than any other e- reader. Kindle fire has changed the meaning of the publishing in all over the world. The amazing convenience is offered by kindle fire support phone number to offer solution to your every issue.

Following are kindle fire’s top hidden features that make this e-reader so amazing and incomparable in the market.

  • Gaming zone

Kindle fire has take care about its users by adding a great feature of games in its tablet. So, if you are bored of reading books and want to take a break, kindle fire’s games feature is quite helpful. Minesweeper and GoMoku are the two most popular games available in it tablet. You can access GoMoku or five in a row by pressing the G key on the Minesweeper screen.

  • Kindle fire shop

This amazing feature of kindle fire enables people to tap on shopping in the menu bar. This bar opens simple pages containing ads. Tapping on these taps will take you to the Amazon shop and every section of digital content of videos, books, and music, etc. Some of the sections will direct you to shop for it. You might find it redundant but this is one of the ways of marketing. If you encounter an issue, then what a kindle fire customer care is for?

  • Music

This is one of the best features of kindle fire. Amazon has incorporated a gazillion songs and albums for its users. You can listen to any type of song of your choice. And who does not listen to music? Due to this amazing feature, it has become user’s favorite MP3 player. You can listen to its unlimited music list while during your other works. Amazon has also introduced some free songs features. Listen to your favorite music and create your own list.

  • Apps

Kindle fire comes with an amazing and big screen where you can lots of applications to use. This tablet is very relaxing for the users that tired of using apps and games on their smart screened smart phones. Nowadays, kindle fire is available in 7 to 8.9 inches screens in which you would love to use apps.

Its apps make this tablet to be more accessible and versatile. You can easily use the applications hassle free and easily transfer them from Google play store. And the best part is Amazon gives one free app every day for its users. Free app in which can easily build your own library collection consists of app and games to have great fun with kindle fire. In case, you are facing some issues with installing an app, you can contact Kindle customer care number.

  • Books

Of course, it is an e-reader in which you can easily read your favorite books. Kindle fire offers its users to read its free library books including local and international libraries. Features like Text-to-speech, smart lookup, integration with Goodreads, immersion reading and so many other are offering by kindle fire books.

  • Audio books

Audio books help users to read books and listen to the narration at the same time. Audio books are available in the kindle fire shop option where you can purchase normal e-book and then get an audio book at the discounted rate. You can also find free audio books from kindle local libraries.

Although, the kindle fire is an easy to use e-reader but most of the time users do encountered with some issues. And we as the most experienced and efficient tech support technicians offer easy to follow and instant solutions that they are facing in their kindle fire tablet. The kindle help guide is specially offered to make users aware of the functionality of the kindle fire. Kindle Paperwhite user guide 2017 is also an example of guiding kindle Paperwhite users.

Kindle Fire Tech Support Number offers:

  • Kindle fire service number

This number is available for all the users of the kindle fire that are having some issues with kindle fire tablet. We have the best executives that are offering best solution of every issue related to the kindle fire tablet.

  • Kindle support chat

Just like Amazon support chat, we also offer our customers to get help through exchange messages. Customers will get instant answers from our service providers, no matter how big is your issue- we will solve every issues our customers are facing with their kindle devices. And this service is so fast that you will not have to wait for our reply.

  • Kindle fire customer service phone number

We make sure that kindle fire users should not come across with any sort of issues. For this, we offer customer service phone number on which our customers can directly talk to our executives. Our technical experts offer instant and easy to understand solutions to the issues of our customers.

  • Online kindle fire tech support

We as the best kindle fire customer service providers offer the hassle free online technical support in which our executives are 24*7 available for our customers. Call us today! And get large number of best solutions to any sort of kindle fire issue.

  • 1-888-959-1458 toll free phone number

You can call us on our toll free number. This number is 24*7 available for our customers. We work with one of the tech support executives that are ready to offer the best help to our customers.

You can sort any sort of issue regarding kindle fire. Some of them are given as follows:

  • Kindle fire not turning on
  • Kindle fire factory reset
  • Kindle fire stuck on logo
  • Kindle fire hard reset
  • Kindle fire keeps shutting down
  • Kindle fire WiFi problem
  • Kindle fire won’t charge or turn on
  • Kindle fire frozen screen